Doctor formulated
Six Gldn formulas are special. And probably not like anything you’ve ever used before. Designed by renowned Doctor of Traditional Oriental Medicine and master herbologist, Dr Jenelle Kim DACM L.Ac, they blend the most advanced skincare science with exclusive botanical formulas perfected in her family over the last 400 years. Together, we spent the last year fine-tuning the natural, non-toxic Six Gldn products that will give you radiant-looking skin.
Supercharged natural nutrition for your skin
Six Gldn products are the botanical dream team – a blend of mighty plant and herb extracts and bioavailable actives. Think of them as the very best food you can give your skin. Not only do the ingredients work synergistically, but each formula is a catalyst that supercharges the properties of the ingredients. This takes incredible botanical expertise and wisdom.
Concentrated formulas
Our products are packed with good stuff so a little does a lot. From plant and herb extracts to our natural signature scent, each ingredient serves a purpose. 
5 is the magic number
We asked women around the world to send us pics of their bathroom cabinets, and they were crammed with untouched lotions and potions. Most of us routinely use just a handful of 4-5 essentials. We know that looking after your skin doesn’t need to be complicated so we only make five incredibly hard-working, highly-effective products.
Safe for you and the planet
We use safe ingredients that nourish your skin and don’t harm the environment. There aren't any nasty surprises hiding on our ingredient labels.
For all skin types
How does that work? It all comes down to balance. When your skin is healthy, it's not too oily, not too dry. Our formulas are designed to help all skin be balanced and healthy in the long term.
Created with love
From the gentle natural scent of sweet orange peel and lavender flower to safe formulas and sustainable packaging, every aspect of Six Gldn was designed to care for you, your skin, and the planet.