Built on a family legacy of nine generations of ancestral knowledge. Rooted in Korean ancient principles of beauty and wellness.

Our potent but gentle formulas are crafted with centuries of expertise in time-honored Korean botanicals and Korean herbal medicine, blended with clean, cutting-edge bio-actives. We coupled our unique formulas with sustainable, refillable packaging and transparent climate commitments.  

Unlocking the secret to healthy, glowing skin for 400 years.


Six Gldn is woman founded

Six Gldn is our commitment to the highest quality, multi-function skincare that is ethical and sustainable. See visibly healthy, glowing skin with less lines and wrinkles.

Six Gldn skincare has maximum proven benefits in the minimum amount of steps
"I’m impatient. I don’t want to spend my time applying a gazillion steps of skincare. I want a routine that has the least number of products with the maximum benefits per product. Our minimal 4-step skincare routine was born from this."

KARIMA EL-HAKKAOUI   Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Six Gldn skincare has the highest quality ingredients on earth

"After switching from junk-food to an organic plant-based diet I saw physical and psychological benefits, and I wanted to bring those same principles to a skin care line. The quality of ingredients matters whether you’re eating them, or putting them on your skin.” 

DIANA QUARRY  Founder, President

"I’ve always had reactive, sensitive skin so have been researching problem ingredients for pretty much my whole adult life so I can avoid them. I want to make it easy for people to buy skincare without having to think twice about safety or environmental impact, so Six Gldn has an industry-leading clean standard." 

LINDA HAMPSHIRE   Co-founder, Chief Content, Officer, Sustainability & Social Responsibility